A new team of state-authorized public accountants is ready to take on the world

Ulrik Nordgaard Jørgensen
Esben Zøllner Olesen

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the normal audience size at Børsen was heavily reduced. Still, the notorious final exam of the two-and-a-half year programme towards becoming a state-authorized public accountant was as chilling as it has always been. On that day, months of preparation must fall into place in a compelling presentation. If all goes well, brand new career opportunities open up.



“26 test exams were how I prepared for everything”

At first, you think you might have misheard when Helene Christine Joost tells you that she organised 26 test exams within less than a month to prepare for every single outcome when the day of the real exam arrived. But that’s actually what happened – and fortunately she passed. To her, becoming a state-authorized public accountant is not only about making the cut, but also applying the persistence and diligence that will follow you throughout your career.

“The final oral exam at Børsen has always been the epitome of my nightmares about the programme. Here, both colleagues and the partners are watching your presentation, all of whom you want to impress. That’s why I prepared like I have never prepared before. I wanted to make sure that I could give a top performance even if I was clearly put under a lot of pressure.”

For Helene Christine Joost, the exam marked the end of an intense study programme spread over 2.5 years. Two entire summer holidays were spent on preparing for the three written exams, not to mention countless weekends.

“Everyone knows that it isn’t a walk in the park to become a state-authorized public accountant; it’s hard work. Fortunately, you can draw on an incredible network. Not only did I have my colleagues and mentor to ask for help; I was also part of a study group at Deloitte where we supported each other all the way to the final exam. It was amazing to see how committed the entire firm was to support our journey. That’s something I look forward to giving back to future candidates.”

Passing a huge milestone in her career, Helene Christine Joost is now ready to take on new challenges at Deloitte’s Assurance Offerings department, which operates much like a consulting organisation within the audit department, offering special advisory on complex issues such as corporate governance, financial process improvement, ERP advisory, accounting advisory and IPO advisory:

“At Deloitte I specialise in accounting advisory, IPOs as well as bond and rights issues. These are complex areas. Although many of our clients put projects on hold during the initial phases of the pandemic, we are starting to see a lot of activity in the market and strategic moves. Executives know that they need to make bold financial decisions to make it through and beyond the crisis – and of course we are here to help.”