A thousand people gathered to reimagine everything at Digital Agenda

Michel Bloch Andersen
Esben Zøllner Olesen
This year, our annual conference on digital transformation attracted 1,000 participants. Get behind the scenes and meet both speakers and the Deloitte team for a whole day of ‘outthinking the unthinkable’.

“Are you ready to reimagine business as we know it?,” asks the Nordic Deloitte CEO, Anders Dons, from the stage, looking out at an incredible 1,000 participants sitting in anticipatory silence.

“New technologies bring thousands of possibilities and it changes the way we do business – but only if we keep using them in new ways,” he adds.

‘Digital Agenda’ is spelled out in large letters behind him. It is the name of today’s conference, which gathers top leaders as well as disruptive start-ups for an inspirational day of key notes and workshops about digital transformation.

“This is a tradition that we are very proud of. Back in 2006, when we held the first conference of its kind, 200 people participated. Today we are proud and humble to welcome 1,000 of you,” he says, leaving the stage with a big applause while handing over the microphone to the first of today’s 30 international speakers.

About Digital Agenda

At Digital Agenda, the focus is on joining new technologies and imaginative approaches to create innovative businesses that will actually make a difference. Experts, visionary leaders and inventors from everywhere gather at Digital Agenda 2019 to share their knowledge and insights to get ready to ride the next digital wave.

A new way of thinking
Backstage – behind the black curtain – a team from Deloitte follows every detail. After months of preparations and hard work it is finally showtime.

Jonas Juul Mortensen, Director and head of Marketing, is one of the founders of Digital Agenda and has been the lead coordinator since the very beginning.

“Digital Agenda is about connecting new technologies and imaginative approaches to create innovative and sustainable businesses that will make a real difference,” he says.

“Today, many business leaders see tension within their companies between the old and the new ways of thinking. There is a growing recognition that if you just keep doing what worked in the last 15 to 20 years, you will become irrelevant. Businesses must embrace a new way of thinking and look beyond products or single points of contact,” he says.

The team behind Digital Agenda

“We have created Digital Agenda as the platform to boost people’s collective imagination to be able to outthink the unthinkable. We bring together some of the brightest minds from all industries to share their insights on how we link new technologies and imaginative approaches to create the success of tomorrow”.

The slogan ‘reimagine everything’ matches our business case perfectly. In Undo we have made a digital insurance offer for young people, and we really tried to reimagine all aspects of insurance.

One of these new bright minds is Sophie Grønbæk. She is co-founder and CEO of Undo, an insurance app that gathers all the information young people need to make qualified decisions on their insurance needs.

“The slogan ‘reimagine everything’ matches our business case perfectly. In Undo we have made a digital insurance offer for young people, and we really tried to reimagine all aspects of insurance,” she says.

“We are focused on using new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the customer experience. For instance, we train our systems to be able to recognize insurance fraud. This is possible, because we have built our core systems ourselves, based on new technologies.”

New technologies are at the heart of business
Deloitte partner Michael Winther works in the Deloitte AIM and is responsible for big data and advanced data analytics. He has helped arrange Digital Agenda since the first conference back in 2006 and he believes it continues to play an important role:

“I think it is really amazing that Deloitte facilitates such a big event around digitalization. Amongst our clients there is an increasing awareness of the potential data holds. Today, more and more data are available, that need to be collected and analyzed, and I expect data to be an even more important part of business in the future.”

Anders Gyldenløve Pedersen is partner in Deloitte and Head of Sales. To him, Digital Agenda is an amazing opportunity to spend time with clients away from regular surroundings. In his role as Head of Sales he has an ongoing dialogue with companies about digital transformation.

“Digital transformation is a very important part of our clients’ businesses today, and we need to understand what it means for each company. Today, digitalization is a key premise in business and not just something companies look into from time to time,” he says.

Within his own field of sales and commercial excellence he also sees the future as extremely interesting when it comes to digital transformation.

“Currently, we have an in-house, digital project on artificial intelligence where we work to predict the processes we need to go through to win a sales opportunity. As we receive more and more data, I am very convinced that in one to three years we will be able to predict which opportunities our company should pursue and what actions we need to take to win it. This means that we can make our sales work even more effective, focused and professional,” he adds.