Deloitte joins one of the largest cleanups in history

Michel Bloch Andersen
Ocean Cleanup Press Fotos
The Ocean Cleanup Foundation and the Deloitte Impact Foundation join forces in a three-year partnership to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.

Through the North Pacific Ocean runs a 600-meter-long floater. From high above it looks like a black snake turning and twisting at the surface of the water. It carries a system that collects and retains garbage, and the goal is to remove plastic from the oceans with what will be one of the largest cleanups in history.

According to the UN Environment Programme, more than eight million tons of plastic leak into the ocean every year. The garbage compile in patches, and one of the largest is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch between Hawaii and California. Therefore, when the floater took off from San Francisco Bay in the fall of 2018, the course was set for the North Pacific.