A new team of state-authorised public accountants is ready for a digital future

Michel Bloch Andersen
Esben Zøllner
Countless hours of intensive studying culminated in roaring cheers and applause as 13 accountants from Deloitte recently passed the dreaded exam at Børsen to become state-authorised public accountants.
After a successfully completed exam Jonas Gjørup Larsen looks forward to some time off to relax. Also, he dreams of writing a children's book: "It would be a striking contrast to al the scientific litterature I have been bound by. And then I could write 'state authorised and children's book author' on my business card," he says with a smile on his lips.

‘We are the Champions’ by Queen blares from his headset as he steps into the examination room. It is the last track on Jonas Gjørup Larsen’s old mixtape from his handball days, which he listened to before a game to psych himself up. It seems fitting for the occasion.

Following two years of intense preparation, he’s made it to the final challenge. As the doors to Børsen’s old room swing open, he briefly puts Freddie Mercury’s victory anthem on pause as he greets the ‘wise men on the other side of the table,’ as he calls them.

Armed with critical questions, they test his knowledge to the utmost to knock him off-balance and ultimately assess whether Jonas Gjørup Larsen has what it takes to become a state-authorised public accountant.

One and a half hours later, he strides out of the room, arms held over his head. He passed. He has finally earned the right to call himself a ‘state-authorised public accountant’.

The best year ever
Jonas Gjørup Larsen is able to celebrate his new title together with 13 other colleagues who have also made it through the needle’s eye, and with a pass rate of 92.8 per cent, 2018 has been the best-ever examination year for Deloitte.

“There’s nothing else in my more than 20 years of education that I can compare it to. It’s so awesome,” says Jonas Gjørup Larsen.