“If I did not feel accepted at work, I would definitely find another job”

Michel Bloch
Michel Bloch
More than hundred Deloitters celebrated diversity and inclusion at Copenhagen Pride to support our LGBT+ community. A focus that is present all year round, the community says.

Pink, green, yellow, purple and red balloons. Frisky 90´beats from giant speakers, and a smell of beer, cider and champagne. That was the scene when Deloitters danced through the streets of Copenhagen in a celebration of diversity, inclusion and respect.

Among the smiling faces was Lasse Posborg Michelsen. Two years ago, he founded the Deloitte Denmark’s LGBT+ network ‘GLOBE’ together with his Danish colleague Henning Michel. They wanted to make a forum for LGBT+ employees in Deloitte to create awareness about diversity at the workplace.

“Personally, I think it is easier to feel comfortable being yourself at work as an LGBT person, if you are introduced to an LGBT+ community from the very first day at work in a company. It is a clear signal that you are welcome and accepted,” Lasse Posborg Michelsen says.

Lasse Posborg Michelsen (in orange) welcomed the Deloitters for this year’s Pride Parade. To his left is Mathilde Nærland, member of the LGBT+ community in Deloitte.

“Sexuality and gender expression say little about a person’s professional competencies. But it has everything to do with who you are, also at work. It is not just a matter of the right to be yourself, it is also a matter of social life. It comes down to which club you and your colleagues go to after work. In this sense I think it is rather natural for an LGBT+ person to want an LGBT+ network at work.”

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That is why he decided to start the LGBT+ community. And now, two years later, he finds it extremely rewarding to be able to meet with other LGBT+ people at work, sharing experiences from daily life and discussing how to take inclusion, diversity and respect to the next level.
In that regard, Lasse Posborg Michelsen considers Deloitte a good place to work.

”Deloitte is in many ways a progressive and inclusive workplace. I have never found myself in a situation where people treated me badly,” he says.


“Today is a celebration of diversity, which means that we pay tribute to all our differences. This is crucial if we want a corporate community build on diversity of thought.”

“With the polarisation that the world witnesses at the moment, we need to emphasise that we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. That all individuals are equal, and that we care for each other.”

– Deloitte CEO, Anders Dons (to the right)