“To be number one, we need diversity of thought”

Michel Bloch
Michel Bloch
Deloitte has added ‘inclusive leadership’ to our globally shared values. This was played out at the bi-annual leadership summit.
Deloitte Global’s shared values

(1) Lead the way, (2) Serve with integrity, (3) Take care of each other, (4) Foster inclusion, (5) Collaborate for measurable impact, (6) Inclusive leadership

On a Summer day in June, Deloitte senior leaders gathered at the fourth bi-annual Impact Summit with one goal on the agenda: To make inclusive leadership a key priority, adding this to the list of shared values in Deloitte. Outside, the temperatures were high – and so were the ambitions inside the conference room:

“In 2024 we have set extremely ambitious goals. We want to be the undisputed leader when it comes to brand position and growth. But to be number one, we need diversity of thought,” CEO Anders Dons said.